Aquarius HP Crest Puzzle

About a fortnight ago the wife and I began a new puzzle (note: we do them very slowly as we’ve got a pretty busy life) – Harry Potter Crests by Aquarius. Almost all of the puzzles we’ve done together so far have been from Ravensburger, and I’m now sure that I’ve just become expectant of the super high quality that Ravensburger provides.tarting with the border as we do with every puzzle, we quickly came to a frustrating halt on the first sitting with a complete inability to construct it without playing the trail and error game with almost every single piece along the bottom border! I’m all for a little bit of difficulty in a puzzle, but having to play the guessing game just to put the border together just grinds my gears. To add to this annoyance, there is essentially a ‘black area’ taking up the bottom three – four rows of the puzzle! Now.. this area isn’t ACTUALLY black, but it’s so damn dark that it may as well be. In fact, the only way I could find to properly see what the hell I was trying to put together was to use my iPhone light up close to get a brilliant white light shining off the pieces. C’mon man… people do puzzles while they’re sitting at home relaxing and passing the time, not under hospital-grade white neons!

Anyway, all in all…. I’m glad it’s done. If possible I will always buy Ravensburger over Aquarius when shopping for puzzles as the quality difference is just astonishing, and the difficulty is tuned down a little. I did find with the Aquarius puzzle there were a LOT of pieces that “fit but didn’t fit” and looked very very similar. Maybe the hardcore puzzlers out there prefer Aquariuses shape and colour ambiguity as an additional challenge, but it’s not for me.

Also: Why in the blue hell am I blogging about a fucking puzzle?! Maybe I really am ‘that’ big of a nerd…..