For years and years (and years, and years!) I’ve been a part of the glorious but now stagnant gaming scene of Newcastle. While not exactly a founder, I’ve certainly been around from the beginning and tried to lend a hand anywhere and everywhere that I could throughout an absolute ton of LAN’s and businesses. Even going so far as to co-run our very own LAN for 200+ people after the ‘death of LAN gaming’ in Newcastle (which was around 2005 for anyone interested).

Now don’t get the wrong idea, I have no intention of trying to revive LANs. They died for a reason (or many reasons..) and as glorious as they were as a teenager, they just don’t work on a large scale anymore and are unlikely to ever again. Unfortunately with the demise of the LAN seemed to also come the demise of local competition and community. Those true gamers broke off into small social circles and many others were either left without gaming buddies, or even stopped playing games all together.

I’ve held on to the dream of Playtopia for over a decade now. Never really getting it off the ground and changing it’s look and focus over and over and over – until now. Now I feel that the time is right to bring together the wide and varied gamers of our city and give them and all newcomers a place where they can find any flavour of gaming they desire. This site shall serve as a community space to find out anything you want to know about Newcastle gaming, past or present.

I encourage absolutely everyone to get in touch and contribute if they can, to document the great history of gaming we’ve had here, but also build the gaming community up again and get the word out for every group, event, and store so that everyone can find them easily and know what they can expect there.

As the site continues development I hope to bring tournament features online to run local competitions (for pride! .. to start with..) as well as leaderboards so that anyone and everyone can compete for the best in Newcastle in any game they choose.