Racing Games!

Man what a week! It seems like every week feels that way, but ones where I get zero time to work on this site feel specifically long. Luckily for me while I haven’t been able to find time to work on website related things, I have at least been able to indulge in bit of gaming and the flavour of this week is racing games. After a good solid piece of procrastination after the release ing of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe I finally started playing it from the start with the wife, starting of course with 50cc.

By and large as far as I’m concerned it’s the same game as MK8… but I’ve spent money on dumber things than re-buying a truly amazing game. The main (and possibly only ‘real’) change to the game is the addition of both super-turbo and drive assist, which are mutually exclusive to use and offer something extra to both beginner racers or pro’s. We only got a chance to play into 100cc through the week (48 tracks is a hell of a lot!) and today I went to a mates place and got a chance to race in a real competition against him. Having absolutely rubbish internet and very little spare time means racing online the way the game is designed is basically impossible so it was nice to be able to race hard and have a lot of really close matches. We did about 20 races total, most at 150cc and it was stiff competition the whole way, which even thought I didn’t win overall I’m more than happy with as he can win regional online races easily anytime he plays. So… chuffed with that!

The other game I’ve been sinking my teeth into is DiRT3 on PC. A few months ago it went free for 24 hours on… somewhere I forget, and I nabbed it because… well, who doesn’t love free games? I’d played through DiRT2 to completion some years ago and while I had no desire to pay for the next instalment, it’s more than worth a free download. I find the drive guide makes the game more enjoyable for me, and the Ken Block Gymkhana events are pretty damn fun.

I also helped build a retaining wall today and I’m now physically exhausted.. so this blog is about all that I’ve got the capacity to knock out 🙂 Ramble over!