PUBG & Divi 3.0

Man oh man, things have been busy! Beyond my regular life of full-time job, wife, kids, and another child about to be born in the next fortnight… I’ve been sinking my teeth well and truly into L4D2 (again, yayyyy!), PUBG, and Divi 3.0 but it’s the latter two that I’m going to blog about this time around.

PUBG has absolutely taken off as the latest and greatest gaming sensation. Not even four months into early access and it’s taken the gaming world by storm, taking a huge market share from just about everywhere else includng CS, Quake, and COD communities. With sales already in the hundreds of thousands it’s fair to say that developers BlueHole have hit a home run with their out of the ordinary take on the survival shooter genre. While it’s got a ways to go before it’s properly polished it is sure as hell fun, even if I can’t manage to get a chick dinner! p.s. watching some of the weird and wacky things that the vehicles do is crazy fun, unless you’re in one.

Divi 3.0 is the other thing I’ve been playing with in my spare time and it is dead set the easiest way on the internet to make sexy websites with bugger all knowledge. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve done enough websites in both WordPress and a bunch of other CMS’s that I wouldn’t call myself a novice – but if you can make things look better and better with less and less effort, that’s a bonus. This site actually uses a slightly older version of Visual Composer which is a major building block in Divi – but Divi take it to another level, not only with how great the product looks and feels, but how good the results look. I’ve been re-vamping my (not even launched) online resume with it and safe to say once that’s done I’ll be looking for more and more website ideas to design and build! Just for the fun of it, haha!

Time for some more PUBG…. Let’s see how long it takes me to blog again 😉