Poor Game Design

So I was recently playing Robotrek (SNES) in an effort to see what the ‘Pokemon trailblazer’ was like, and I lasted all of about 20 minutes due to a singular (and not thought out) game mechanic.

Being a RPG I was expecting some hefty dialogue to start the game off, that’s par for the course. Even some game tutorial’ing on how things work is acceptable without question. However Robotrek has a LOT of dialogue to start off, even for an RPG. My gripe here is that they’ve put a decent whack of time into the absolute dribble that is passed off as a storyline but they’ve completely neglected to build in the skip function! I was bored out of my brain before I was able to do anything noteworthy and it instantly put a dampener on my experience.

Deciding to give it a chance I wasted another 10 minutes of my precious life getting to a point where I could explore the overworld (without direction) and chat to NPCs (because I was given no direction) only to find out that they all dribble similar shit dialogue and do nothing to advance the game or story. The final straw came when I discovered that there is a button dedicated to walking faster around the overworld – and that’s when I calmly turned the game off, and didn’t throw the cartridge across the room, cut electricity to my house and drive a tank through the games room. Calmly… stopped… playing.

I often fall into the trap of thinking just because some games are old, that they are good to play. Nope. The past had just a big a river of shithouse games as we have these days 🙂 Unfortunately I know I’ll try again with the next retro game I haven’t heard of!

Rant over, nothing more to see here 🙂