Taming The Beast

In my opinion Overcooked is one of the very best games to be released in modern times, and I’ve had an absolute ball playing it all the way through with my wife. As we worked our way towards the end of the game our stars started coming at a premium with most level having to be tried and re-tried over and over until we mastered the tactics to get a 3-star rating.

Last night (after a long break away from the game as we had figured we had hit our limit of how far we could go) we sat down and BAM! blasted our 3-star ratings on two consecutive levels that had previously held us to the second place 2-stars. We were flying and all of a sudden had enough stars to take on the second last level of the game (which we pass.. not convincingly, but we passed!) which then lead us on to taking on the beast himself!

Now for anyone that hasn’t played through to the final fight, it’s hard. It’s a 10 minute timer and goes through 4 different kitchen settings, making every dish you’ve previously made – and thus far we are yet to pass it (after 3 attempts). How it works is you need to make a finite number of dishes to feed the beast, and when they run out the kitchen changes and you get another menu of dishes to create, and so forth. So far our best attempt saw us ‘just’ make the 4th round at the end of the 10 minute timer and one thing is for sure – we need to cook faster.

Efficiency is the key to this boss and we found ourselves discussing tactics in the car on the way to work this morning (ha!). It look like the way to get it done is to keep one of us on each side of the benches and pass food back and forth over the cabinets, the fact that you CAN access each others side make you feel like you SHOULD – and trust me, you shouldn’t.

We may not get another chance to face the beast this evening, however tomorrow night we should, and we’re determined to save the city!