Time Poor and Idea Heavy

Today was one of ‘those days’ where I felt like I could have conquered the world ten times over, if only I didn’t have to work. The sort of days where you can just never find enough time to get everything done that you absolutely need to, let alone any of the stuff that you actually want to. It can be draining and demoralizing if you let it, but thankfully today I came out on top despite a never-ending string of important things taking my attention of even more important things.

I somehow managed to finish up my day interacting / contributing / even somewhat progressing a bit in all the different areas I desired to today. It’s now well and truly time to turn in and my mind is only little more than mush right now, but this rambling complete another goal for today! To keep myself on target I need to post consistently, and even if the content isn’t spectacularly planned it’s still something.

To at least get a tiny bit ‘on topic’ I will say that I’ve spent a small portion of this evening planning a new gaming tournament and some upcoming content that’s got me marginally excited! 10 points of you understand the featured images reference!