How Good Is Fiverr?!

Over the years I’ve either flirted with or turned to Fiverr a number of times when I have no will or want to either spend the time or learn the skills I would otherwise need to complete a particular task – usually logo design, and more often than not it’s turned out rather disappointing or turned into such a saga back and forth with the seller than I end up accepting half-ass results just to get something over the line.

Lately I had cause to once again (well… twice actually) turn to the lucky dip that is trying to find a good seller and struck absolute gold! When I started looking through graphic designers for the 100th time, I was quite impressed at just how many sellers now offer much better/cheaper services than was the norm a couple of years ago. Things like source files, commercial usage, and many/unlimited revisions are now much more common in the low-end packages while a couple of years ago you would need to buy a bunch of gigs to obtain these sorts of niceties.

This time as I hunted through the sea of chaff I had an advantage! While I’m usually hunting for a logo creator this time I had already created my own logo that I am more than happy with, so what I was looking for was specifically social media banners only – but what I found was Ekanta. Offering social media banners for all the major sites, a display pic, youtube buttons, and a custom character/avatar for what turned out to be something like $25 AUD…. SOLD. So fucking sold. Even if she couldn’t deliver something amazing it would be worth it (in comparison to my usual Fiverr forays).

The end result? Well you can go look at my social media and find it all, because it’s absolutely great. She took direction perfectly and ended up extending the gig delivery time by 2 days so that she could re-do the avatar with major revisions until I was absolutely content with it. This is been without a doubt the best experience I’ve ever had with Fiverr, and I was so impressed that I actually gave her another $5 as a tip after delivery and obviously remain as impressed because days later I’ve bothered writing a whole blog post about the experience. 

If you ever need gaming banners for social media, go find Ekanta. Best Fiverr seller out there!