To repaint a custom made Jeep bed that I found on Facebook Marketplace to be a Jurassic Park themed bed for my son.

Required Stuff / What I Used

Custom Jeep bed – Unfortunately I didn’t build this thing – I bought it as you see it in the first images where it’s fully constructed and painted white. It’s a pretty cool design using kids quad tires and a sliced up metal bed frame for the roof racks, along with all the wood. The actually bed frame holding the the mattress is a basic IKEA single bed.

British paints ‘Gloss Green’ spray paint

British Paints ‘Indian Red’ spray paint

British Paints ‘Yellow’ spray paint

Jurassic Park stickers (sourced from eBay Australia)

Progress So Far

It’s all pretty self explanatory for this project… I took the jeep apart, sprayed it, and put it back together! Very simple project to theme up my sons room, but a lot of fun to do all the same.

Still To Come

Mount lights on car

Apply JP logo to desk/bonnet

Apply JP logo to top of windscreen area