What Is Playtopia?

Playtopia started sometime back around 2008 when thrax and Felix decided to put on a LAN (named The BeatDown) in the Broadmeadow Basketball Stadium that resulted in 3 of the hottest and fun-filled days experienced by Newcastle gamers in many years, especially since the decline of LAN gaming in 2005. Since then Playtopia has been little more than a memory to others and an idealistic pipe dream to thrax.

As a concept Playtopia was supposed to be a local gaming community that would hopefully turn into a bricks and mortar store front and gaming utopia (get it?..). But life gets in the way and opportunities not taken (some for the better I’m sure), and right now it serves as a historical display for the ghosts of gaming past. I want to ensure that both the greatness of gaming that was, and the future of gaming to come in our beautiful city is remembered, encouraged, and assisted to grow.

Many of us grew up in the glory days of Nintendo 64, NGL, Unreal Tournament, etc; and yearn for that amazing feeling that community and competitive gaming can bring and was largely lost with the evolution of broadband internet, and mandatory catering by function venues among other things.

While those days are gone, I am not.. and so here stands probably the only archive of Newcastle gaming, along with whatever gaming content I chose to create and share in this space! Enjoy.

The last time random.Suspect appeared on LAN together (so far..)

(Right to left, back to front) Viper-7, impulse, thrax, perverse, taxer, spaz, denjin