About Playtopia

Playtopia started sometime back around 2008 when thrax and Felix decided to put on a LAN in the Broadmeadow Basketball Stadium that resulted in 3 of the hottest and fun-filled days experienced by Newcastle gamers, especially since the decline of LAN gaming in 2005. Since then Playtopia has been little more than a memory to others and an idealistic pipe dream to thrax.

Playtopia as a concept was to be a local gaming community, but life gets in the way and right now it serves as a historical display for the ghosts of gaming past. We want to ensure that both the greatness of gaming that was, and the future of gaming in our beautiful city is remembered, encouraged, and assisted to grow. Many of us grew up in the glory days of Nintendo 64, NGL, Counter-Strike, etc; and yearn for that amazing feeling that is community and competitive gaming action that has been all but lost with the evolution of broadband internet, and mandatory catering by function venues.

While those days are gone, there are plenty more games to be had in new and exciting ways and Playtopia is going to be there.

What is Playtopia

Playtopia is about community and enhancing the gaming community any which way that we can, or enhancing the greater community through gaming. Our aim and mission is to provide a single online place that people can find out all the information about gaming in Newcastle and see the latest news, compete against each other, and make new friends along the way.

We believe that the competitive spirit makes gaming great. Whether you’re speed running, racing karts, or defusing the bomb, organized competition heightens the gaming experience with a nervous edge that you just can’t get playing alone. We want to bring that competitive feeling to any Newcastle gamer, for any game they choose. Currently in development our tournament system and leaderboards will allow everyone to compete for the best in Newcastle at their chosen games.

As our gaming community grows, so does our ability to have a positive effect on the world around us. It is very important to do good things and help those less fortunate. Playtopia will aim to hold charity events and donation drives throughout each year in order to give to those in need and make the world a better place, one game at a time.

We are a community, and all walks of the gaming life are welcome and encouraged! Whether you’ve been in Newcastle your whole life, or just passing through for a weekend and want to kill a few hours; this site is designed to get you involved in your favourite type of gaming as fast as possible.

Meet The Team

thraxretro tragic
thrax is the commander in chief of Playtopia and has an unbridled passion for gaming and the gaming community.