Ko’s in the Castle V

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Hi Fighting Game fans, we will be running our weekly events on the weekend event for Tekken7, Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear RV 2, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinte at Gomaz vs Pedro. We are open from 10am - 10pm and has plenty of set ups to play friendlies on long after the tournament is over!!! Venue [...]

Super Smash Thursdays Q1 Episode 3

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Hi everyone, we are back in 2018 for another year of smash and it is going to be bigger than ever. There is a new format, more events and more prizes up for grabs! Start your sm4sh Krew! 4 people per krew, each individual singles and doubles team results will accumulate for your Krew throughout the [...]

Games Night + Mario Kart 64 Tournament

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Hi everyone, we will back this Wednesday for our free games night, if you are heading in town and need something to do before you head out, stop in and play some free console games or free pool! There will be a free Mario Kart 64 tournament that will be held throughout the night so if [...]

Goldeneye64 Tourny & Games Night (Free)

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Hi everyone, looking for something to do on Wednesdays before you head out in town? Look no further, we will be hosting party games nights at Gomaz vs Pedro every Wednesday! There will be a bunch of free console games to play on a variety of consoles, also there will be FREE POOL all night for [...]

Free Games Night and Goldeneye N64 at GvP!

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GvP are putting on a games night every Wednesday with a free Goldeneye comp, free pool, and all the usual goodness that they have on offer! Pretty good way to warm up for a night on the town if you're heading out for Uni night.

Friday Night Kings of the Hill (League of Legends)

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LEAGUE OF LEGENDS AT GOMAZ VS PEDRO! This is not a tournament! We are doing community nights at Gomaz vs Pedro. The two tournament rooms will be open for the night and it is winner plays on! - If you don't have a team feel free to come in on the day and if there are enough [...]