This “16-bit Wave” Mix is a Must-Listen for Retro Gamers


16-bit wave should definitely become a thing!

The 16-bit era had some of the best gaming soundtracks of all-time. The 1980’s had some of the best synth music of all-time. It makes perfect sense that geeky electronic artists are mashing up the two to create “16-bit wave”, which I can’t get enough of.

Back in 2018, YouTuber Axel Stone created a compilation of some of the best 16-bit wave songs, featuring artists such as Plasma3Music, Mitch Murder, Amphobious, CobaltBW, Tudd, Richard Jacques, and more. You can check out the first video below.

And if that isn’t enough to satiate your retrowave and game music desires, here’s the second 16-bit wave compilation:

Retrowave and synthwave music is currently experiencing a surge in popularity, with even mainstream artists such as Muse and The Weeknd getting in on the action. The Weeknd’s latest album is fantastic, but it unfortunately doesn’t feature a remix of Guile’s Theme. We’ll share more amazing music as we find it!

Are there any amazing gaming remixes you think we should hear? Let us know in the comments!