About Organisation


Playtopia started sometime back around 2008 when thrax and Felix decided to put on a LAN (named The BeatDown) in the Broadmeadow Basketball Stadium (Newcastle, NSW) that resulted in 3 of the hottest and fun-filled days experienced by local gamers in many years, especially since the decline of LAN gaming in 2005. Since then Playtopia has been little more than a memory to others and an idealistic pipe dream to thrax.

As a concept Playtopia was supposed to be a local gaming community that would hopefully turn into a bricks and mortar store front and gaming utopia (get it?..). But life gets in the way, some opportunities were not taken (for the better I’m sure), and now we’re coming back as a new iteration of what Playtopia was always meant to be and more. We want to ensure that all sorts of gaming can be enjoyed and inclusive to everyone, and helped to grow by a loving community.


Our mission, creed, moto, or whatever else you want to call it is right there on the front page! Gaming. For everyone.

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes. Not just people who like platformers on consoles, or first-person shooters on PC, or role playing games at the tabletop but also varying ages, different races, different careers and aspirations, mental and physical disabilities or uncertainties. People who are over-confident or those who are introverted, there’s a game out there for everyone and the most fantastic thing about gaming is having a passionate community behind the particular games that you love. What Playtopia strives for is to help and facilitate that community and inclusion for everyone to enjoy whichever games they love the most.


Fairness. Equality. Sustainability. Friendship. At the very essence what else does one need to stand for? What we stand for is not directly related to gaming at all but to life itself. Gaming brings us together but we don’t see any reason not to apply the same positive vibes to other areas of our lives every chance that we get. This goes from helping those in need to general day to day recycling! There’s so many problems in the world today but with a positive mindset and close community we can all work towards a better future for everyone – even if they’re forced to play the game of life on single player with the difficulty cranked up to 11.


Well as of right now (site launch) we’re heading towards building a community and getting some great people and content creators out in the spotlight. The roadmap for the future? Using the power of our community for good as well as having fun. Any community initiative could come up, with my (thrax) personal ones focused on plastics recycling to re-use waste that has already been produced.


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