Chatterbox Cafe

Chatterbox Internet Cafe

The Chatterbox Internet Cafe was situated in downtown Belmont around about 2010. Run by a father and son team they offered two separated rooms full of PC gaming rigs, allowing team to face off against each other in relative isolation. Other parts of the cafe included a console gaming lounge with a good selection of consoles and games, as well as traditional cafe tables with lollies and drinks available.

Doing weekly ‘lockdowns’ (overnight LANs) and constant PC builds for clients, The Chatterbox Cafe was a relaxing and fun environment to pass the time and play some games. They also offered a staggering range of games on all PC’s.


  • 2/505 Pacific Hwy, Belmont


  • PC Gaming

  • Snacks & Drinks

  • Console Gaming

  • PC Builds / Repairs / Sales


  • Overnight LAN

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