Raising Money For Those That Need It

A lot of gamers stream for charity in marathons and coordinated events, but my goal or mission, is to give everything we can earn through this amazing pastime that is video gaming to those less fortunate. I’ve worked for years to advance myself through the career that I have now. I’ve worked hard and regardless of how much I love gaming I will never be a full-time streamer or play video games for a living; it’s not how I’m wired and I’m certain that if I HAD to put out continuous content to earn money then I would lose my passion as it become just another responsibility. I’ve got enough of those already!

But I do love to stream, and put up Youtube videos (regardless of how poor quality they may be!), and speaking honestly any money that I might make from streaming in the future.. I don’t need. It’s fun for me, it’s a few hours a week of enjoying my spare time. Now if that has any potential to bring in even a single dollar then great! Happy days! But personally I don’t need that dollar, and others do. So as I continue on my quest to build an online presence and bring in viewers, please think about donating to my Twitch, or watching every video I have on Youtube because it will help someone that needs it.

Where To From Here?

Well… onward and upward! Seeings as I get 0 viewers and have not amassed enough view time on Youtube to even monetize content, right now I am in the process of making enough content to gain followers. Once that happens then the counter begins and I will keep a track of every cent earned or donated through gaming right here, and where it gets donated to. I have more than enough technology at my disposal to stream already, with a few more bits and pieces I plan on buying in the near future (how these are from my own pocket, ZERO donated/earned money from gaming will be used on my own setup). So that’s it.. this page is part of step one… time to get building!