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Gibstock dates back just as far or further than GargantuLAN and NGL and was based in Toronto in the late 90’s. Always a rather decent sized event, the hay-day events were run at a school with dormitories, allowing a good 60 or more people to sleep in proper bedding and shower. An extremely rare luxury for those days! Run by the ginger-ninja, Gibstock attracted a lot of the Central Coast gaming community who rarely ventured all the way into Newcastle for Newcastle Gamers League LANs.

Gibstock held strong on the LAN scene for much of the same time as NGL did, and once Ginger Ninja decided he had had enough the admin team continued on and ran a near-identical LAN renamed Fraggle Rock. To save on making a page for every little iteration of essentially the same LANs, I’ve combined all Gibstock and FaR images into the one gallery. Enjoy!


  • St. Joseph’s Primary School, Kilaben Bay

  • Toronto Baptist Church, Toronto

Event Length

  • Fri – Sun

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