Newcastle Gamers League

Newcastle Gamers League

Long ago, NGL was conceived form the ashes of GargantuLAN, and went on to be the most loved and fondest-remembered LAN that Newcastle has ever had. Helmed by Crusher, NGL was run professionally with a dedicated team of admins that put in monstrous loads of work each and every event only to sit around and play games by themselves for the majority of the event.

Every Novocastrian PC gamer in the late 90’s and early 2000’s has a story or ten about an NGL LAN. Peaking at around 180 players (the reasonable capacity of desks and PC’s that could fit in the school hall), LANs were held monthly and everyone who was anyone would be in attendance. Many life-long friendships were forged, and many a long night were spent basking in what was the epitome of the glory days of PC gaming.

In the declining months of Newcastle Gamers League the admin team created a ‘LAN-in-a-box’ package to empower other gaming groups to hold professional LANs using the high end gear owned by NGL. While LAN gaming was in a rapid decline NGL stayed strong for a year longer than most, but by 2006 the availability of the high school stadium was no longer an option and Newcastle Gamers League faded away.

You can still find the old NGL site in the way back machine here. I think all PC gamers around these parts have a yearning inside to once again experience the great times that were had at an NGL LAN.


  • Lambton High School

  • International Squash Centre, Broadmeadow

Event Length

  • Fri – Sun


  • Counter-Strike: Source (PC)

  • Quake 3

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